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Camden's Most Wanted
Camden's Most Wanted
Thank you for visiting the Camden's Most Wanted website. This service is provided for you by the Camden Police Department. It's aim is to better serve the citizens of Camden, Arkansas by making available Camden's most wanted subjects to the entire world! Simply look through the website and should you recognize a suspect or know of a location that the suspect may be found, simply call the Camden Police Department at 870-836-5755 or email us at As always, your identity will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Again, thank you so much for doing your part to make Camden safe.
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Sophia Lorranine Gulley 
Charges: Forgery / Classification: "C" Felony / DOB: 06-11-1976 / Height: 5 feet 09 inches / Weight: 220 lbs. / Race: Black / Gender: Female / Eyes: Brown / Hair: Black / LKA: 407 Columbia Street - Camden, AR

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